Friday, April 2, 2010

MPlus - plugin for MSN Messenger

Recieve your messages as SMS and Auto-reply when you are away from your computer!
It works with your existing MSN/Windows Messenger.
A simple plugin for Microsoft Windows Messenger users!
MSN/Windows Messenger Message to a SMS on select networks!
  • Any Windows Platform
  • Singapore - Starhub
  • Singapore - M1
(November 2006) - Almost 20,000 downloads on! - if you would like to make it work again please contact me and we can see how I can send you the source. (Visual Basic - yes VB6)

NEW!(May 2006) - This program is no longer updated and DOES NOT work anymore due to changes in MSN and Starhub/M1 APIs. This application is no longer functional and for reference only.

(September 2003) - Please note that due to constant changes of the API by microsoft this program works only upto MSN 4.0, while I would like to update it my schedule make it difficult for me to make further improvements on this product. Thank You for your support and close to 10,000 downloads!

Alternate version with a fixed DLL
Latest v0.0.1 (Alpha) (March 27, 2002)
You can use the auto-reply and broadcast (send message to all online contacts) for now

Singapore Only

SMS: Currently only for users in Singapore on the Starhub and M1 network. We are trying to fix bugs for Singtel SMS system. This plugin is NOT officially recognised by Microsoft, Starhub, M1 or Singtel and no claim is made for its reliability.

Your feedback is solicited to help make the application more useful.

  • Any system running MSN/Windows Messenger
  • Windows Platform Win95/98/2000/NT/XP (tested only on Windows 2000 Professional)
  • This plugin has been created by Samir and Rahul
  • We would be happy to hear from you if you wish to make it work in your country
  • Licenced as Freeware