Tuesday, July 10, 2012

World Clock v0.5

Half way there! This is a totally free app with NO ads. The app does not request any permissions either.

Current features:
  • Add/remove/edit timezone selections
  • Search list using a string as you type
  • Flag icons for countries 
Download the Source file from GitHub and get the app on Google Play. Please donate using the support box on the left!

Get it on Google Play

Roadmap - To get to v1.0, I am planning to add App Widgets so you can see your selections on the home screen. Possibly even add some preferences to control the time display format.

I have manually tested the app so far and I'm sure you can find bugs so please submit a report (and also help fix it!) If you know Android test automation and would like to help I have created a test project that can use your help. Also I am by no means an Android expert so would appreciate any suggestions on improve the code/style/performance. I will post some code discussions on my blog occasionally so check it out.

Adding a new selection: you can type a search string, then choose a custom name and save.

Modify - edit or remove - tap and hold to bring up the context menu.


Fran├žois Marier said...

This is great, thanks for releasing this app under an Open Source license!

landroni said...

This is to let you know that WorldClock has been included in F-Droid.